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Pirates & Peak Performers

Pirates & Peak Performers Navigating today’s sea of competition, attempting to stave off pirates and avoid peak performers can take a toll on under-performing organizations. Pirates (aka competitors) will go to great lengths to undercut rates and prices, offering substandard merchandise or second-rate services in an attempt to increase revenues and profits.  Peak performers on the other hand will often take advantage of their status to mass produce new, innovative products at a low cost […]

The Emergent Strategy©

The Emergent Strategy© works to instill high-performance concepts (a.k.a. treasures) into Organizations that struggle with diverse cultural values, misguided management, miscommunication or dysfunctional (or lack of) EMS (Enterprise Management Systems). Its concepts are simple, formulated by adding a Strategic Plan with a Cultural Mission and blending it with Intuitive Communication. An HpO uses real-time data from its EMS to track, trend and forecast how well each stakeholder department is functioning, that is to say, how well they adhere […]

HpO Vision (the ship)

The HpO Vision (the ship) Any expedition in which you traverse obstacles in a strange or unfamiliar environment, leading to a future destination, requires a structure of sorts, to allow you to operate, and to protect you from the environment; a vessel, so to speak. Captain Cèo’s vessel is the HpO Vision. In all likelihood your vessel is your workplace, be it a cubicle, office, vehicle, building, or any combination of each. Assuming that your […]

Observable Artifacts

Artifacts are the physical manifestations of an organization. They include factors such as dress codes, myths, rituals, and tangible items such as awards, product displays, logos, furnishings and decor. Observable artifacts represent the more visible level of culture within the organization. They help to establish recognition (branding) to shareholders, customers, and the general public, e.g., the Toyota emblem or Google logo, while creating a culturally accepted, inspirational talisman to internal stakeholders, e.g., the skull and […]