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DSC_1763-R1 - 4x5Welcome to Lead, Manage or Dig; a book and learning blog for people who work for a living.

My passion is helping people to learn how not to work. That is to say, I enjoy inspiring people to fearlessly contribute to an organization; to establish a secure, dynamic and fun social environment, rather than working simply to make ends meet.

Cultivating a workplace into a HpO (High-performance Organization) is what I enjoy doing. Inspiring people to evolve into a society—where engagement, security and recognition generate high profits. It is my passion. Coupled with a talent for speaking and presenting, I offer Leaders, Managers and Diggers the opportunity to turn their organization into an HpO through edu-taining keynote speaking and unorthodox training and coaching programs.

Grownups invented work so that they could keep playing together…

I began my career on the end of a shovel, literally. Gradually, however, by acquiring knowledge and experience I enjoyed a series of rewarding management positions, eventually finding my gift as a Leader and Visionary. Lead, Manage or Dig distils my years of travel, consulting, training and inspiring that will help you harmonize workplace human relations and share in the cultivation of a High-performance Organization.

During my tenure on a project in Madagascar in 2010 I created The Emergent Strategy, which would help a team of national and international employees share common values—in a diverse cultural environment—to achieve above average results within their department.

In 2005 I published Successful Change Managementlearn to manage change to achieve performance excellence—which I wrote while on assignment in Venezuela. 

I am currently available for keynote speaking and short-term consulting assignments—adventure-based fees are desirable.

EJ Lister


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