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Pirates & Peak Performers

Pirates & Peak Performers Navigating today’s sea of competition, attempting to stave off pirates and avoid peak performers can take a toll on under-performing organizations. Pirates (aka competitors) will go to great lengths to undercut rates and prices, offering substandard merchandise or second-rate services in an attempt to increase revenues and profits.  Peak performers on the other hand will often take advantage of their status to mass produce new, innovative products at a low cost […]

Vision Statements

Vision Statements are synonymous with the expedition charter (business plan), which ultimately determines the success of an organization in terms of financial and non-financial performance. Vision Statement Definition: a succinct phrase describing the clear and inspirational long-term desired change resulting from an organization or program’s initiative. The purpose of the vision statement is 1) to create an image in the minds of investors, customers, managers, and diggers of a destination (goal), and its arrival date, and […]